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Related article: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 16:53:29 +0000 From: Troubled Kid Subject: Adventure-Training-3Disclaimer: Usual stuff, dont hurt the children (seriously - put the kid down!) if your dont like it, stop reading. Contains sex and if you dont like that, get help!This is LOOSELY based on myself and the people I know. Names and places have been changed to protect identities and the storey it is allot different from my real life. Apart from 3 or 4 main characters, all other similarity between characters and places and real people and locations is entirely accidental, so please accept my apologies. I have really strayed away from fact, soon the storey will be entirely fictional, but for now, one or two bits are still based on real incidents.Finally:Dedications:- To the real life version of James and Martin. 80mph, small country road, one van coming the over way. Thank god for my driving skills!To Simon, with love.And to Tyler, mind which wall you look at.......-----------------------------------------------Adventure-Training Chapter 3We would be heading back on the Sunday, and by Thursday I was dreading the end. On the second walk during Thursday, it was allot more challenging that the first. The distance was about the same, but there would be no walking down one valley, up another, and no well-trodden paths. The route we had to plot the night before involved walking valleys in the worst possible way: down one side and up the other.We set off with everyone in much higher spirits than usual. All the kids for whom it was there first time on this trip had a newfound confidence. After all, they had done one long walk that week without incident, why would the second be any different?An hour in, I was talking to Mr. Smith about school, when he pointed out something I had missed. "You'd better keep an eye on that one, I think he's gunna have trouble today." I don't know how he could look in to the future and see who would find it difficult and who wouldn't, but I turned my head to see who he meant. "One of the most important things about walking in a group, you are only as fast as the slowest man."It was Simon. He was walking allot further behind that I realised. I thought he was up with Mr. Smith, myself and the other teachers. He must have dropped back when I hadn't noticed. Simon's feet were going down hard on each step, his face betraying how painful it was."Ok, I'll take care of it."I tried to drop back as casually as possible. I slowed my pace and gradually Mr. Smith and the other teachers gained ground on me. Another group of 3 kids over took me, then, eventually, Simon caught up."What's up, mate?""Nothin'.""Yeah right! What's up with your feet?""Nothing, nothing, I just got a few blisters on the last walk and so I didn't do my boots up all tight."Oh god! That's the WORST thing you can do! With walking boots, you need to have them tight. Not so tight that it cuts of circulation, but tight enough so they don't slip and rub."come here!" I said with a note of exasperation in my voice. I knelt in front of him and explained shoes rubbing, making it worse etc, etc, as I undid his shoes and pulled hard on the laces. He winced in pain as the leather tightened about the blisters. "What socks are you wearing?""Thick cotton ones, like Mr. Smith said to pack.""Good, good. At the next stop, I am having a look at your feet to see if there ok.""Yes, Mum!" Sarcasm doesn't become him.We walked at a slower pace than everyone else, so after half an hour, when everyone stopped for a drink from there water bottles, we arrived when other people were already getting up to leave."Right, shoes of, Mister!" Mr Smith past me the first aid kit, and as Simon took of his shoes, I saw that it would be needed. "Shit! Blood..."He winced in pain as he took of his socks. They were damp with both blood and sweat, and no matter how attracted I was to him, there was no way I could EVER like THAT smell! His feet were a mess. One of his toe nails had dug in to the side of the toe next to it and had made a nasty hole. Blisters had burst, skin rubbed red and raw. I had done a first aid course about 2 years before, and I set to work fixing him up. He trimmed the offending toe nails so he could do the shoes up as tightly as possible without bleeding again. I used the same pair of scissors to cut away some of the skin on the blisters that had popped, but I left the un-popped ones alone. I then used the tape to bound the back of his heels and the bottom of his feet. The tape is weird stuff, like a plaster but without the bit that goes over the wound and on a roll.As I held his feet and could feel his skin against mine, I knew then that I couldn't deny it to myself anymore. I fancied him! It was something that scared me. Your whole life, you don't imagine there is anything that can change you so radically, radically enough to become gay! Nowadays, I realised I am Bi, and I actually think I have always been like that, it just takes someone for whom you are SO attracted to, that you cant ignore it and you have to realise who your really are. All I knew in that moment was that I didn't want him to ever have to feel pain again, I wanted to be close to him and I wanted to protect him.I turned his socks inside out and he put on the left as I put on the right. I put his boot back on and did it up as tight as I could. I looked at his effort on the left boot. He clearly didn't want them tight, and had left the loose enough to rub again."Sorry, mate, it needs to be tighter than that." I pulled on the laces and tied them tight again.I pulled him to his feet and we each took a quick swing from my water bottle as we walked off, following the last of the group as they left.The whole walk for us was allot slower. We reached the group at lunch time last, and we reached the minibus last. We were about an hour later at the end than the group. Mr. Smith had kept the rest of them walking at a normal pace and had trusted me to look after Simon. The last car park was on the top of a hill. I think Mr. Davis plans all the start and finish points on the walks, because his group ALWAYS seem to end up walking downhill more than up: our start point was in the town by the lake, about the lowest level of land in the whole area! I tried my best to encourage him and get him through the last few hundred meters, but it was hard. It was tipping it down with typical English rain: continuous, heavy and cold, so I wasn't too happy either!We reached the bus and pulled ourselves on board. It was full of members of our group, passing round a flask of coffee. I Preteen Nude Nymphets turfed someone out of my seat and Simon asked if the person sitting where he normally Preteen Nude Nymphets sits could move. The guy just grunted, too tired and cold to argue. They were all rapped up in their own jumpers, no one looking happy! The windows had steamed up with the condensation from everyone's breath. I dunno why, but ever seeing Titanic, steamed up windows always make me laugh, no matter what the reason for the mist.I smiled to myself and looked at Simon. He got the joke without me saying a word and reached across me, I felt my heart rate quickened again as he leaned across. He put his hand against the window, and pulled it down, smearing his hand print down. We both laughed out loud.It was the same drill as every bus trip at the end of a day this week. Everyone too tired to notice, everyone sleeping, some leaning against other, Simon again leaning against my shoulder. I sat and thought about everything, rather than sleeping as usual. I tried to understand everything I was feeling about this kid. It was true, anyone who got to knew him would have found him to be funny and a good friend to have around, and I have no doubt any girls who saw him would agree when I describe him as cute, but could it really be that he had "turned" me gay?It all went round and round in my head, but I couldn't figure it out.That evening, I talked at dinner alone with Simon about dreading the end of this week. I had come on this school trip every opportunity I had, but now I had university coming up. I had a place lined up for me, all depending on good grades in the summer. At university, it was going to be a completely new life, new friends, new place. I wasn't sure I really wanted all that, as I was happy with the life I had! I talked to Simon about all this too. I dunno why, but I was now, four days into the week, talking to Preteen Nude Nymphets him about the sort of things I would only normally talk to James about."Well you could still come on this course." He said"What do you mean?""Well Mr. Smith said you and James were as good as staff members, so next year, come as a member of staff! The breaks in uni are the same time as school holidays, so why not?""you know what, that's the best idea I have EVER heard! But it wouldn't be the same without everyone here, like James" It was true, James and I had come on this week together so often, he was as much a part of the holiday as the activities."Well I'll be here.""ok, here's the deal, I'll talk to Mr. Smith about next but I'll only come along if you do. Done?" I offered him my hand to shake."Deal!" he shock my hand and grinned from ear to ear.I talked to Mr. Smith about it and he was happy to say I could come, but he did think it was a bit pre-emptive, as the week hadn't even ended."there was something else I wanted to ask you about" I stopped him before leaving. "Tomorrow we're going to the lake for water sports?" It was the same each year on the Friday. The water sports were really lame, though, pedal boats and canoes on a lake!"yes, yes, in the morning we are, then the boys can look round the town in the afternoon""Do you mind if I hire a boat for the day out of my own money and go round the lake?" Mr. Smith knew that I could sail, but he didn't look too keen."I'm not too sure I want both you and James disappearing all day, we need people to keep an eye on them in town.""Did I hear my name?" James had been walking past and had caught Mr. Smiths comment."Yes, James. I was just saying that I don't really want both you and Mark going sailing tomorrow.""Sailing? ME? HA! No thanks, Mr Smith, I'll say with the main group""Oh, then who do you want to go sailing with, Mark?""It would only be a Wanderer, I can sail one of them on my own.""You sure? You could take someone else with you, just not James, we need him to keep these guys in line." Wow! We really were counted as members of staff. "And I would actually prefere you to have someone with you, in case something goes wrong.""Well, ok, how about....." in truth, I had planned this all along, but I didn't want them to know that, did I? "Simon?""yeah, that would be fine, but you'll have to hire the boat out of your own money!""ok". James and I turned and walked up the stairs.As we headed to the room, James gave Preteen Nude Nymphets me a look. "You planned that all along, didn't you? You know I don't like sailing!""Anything wrong with that?" I think I came across a bit too defensive."No, No, sorry! God, don't bite my head off!"I got to the room to see the last thing I expected. Greg and one of the year 11s were fighting in the middle of the room! A crowd was around them, the shouts of the other kids egging them on was deafening. "Get him, Greg!" Sam shouted from his bunk, "kick his ass!", one of the older boys shouted. I pushed myself as quickly as possible through the crowds of boys. As I got closer, I saw Greg land one hell of a punch on the bigger year 11s nose. He may have been bigger than him, but he wasn't bigger than me. I pulled the two apart and practically threw Greg on to one bed and the year 11 on to another.James was there with impeccable timing, shouting, "RIGHT! Everyone else, outside, NOW!!!!"He pushed, pulled and chucked all the boys out leaving myself, Greg and the year 11. I noticed Simon made no attempt to move. He was on his bed, sitting in the corner of the wall. I Preteen Nude Nymphets had a feeling he had something to do with all this, so I didn't make him leave."Ok, what the HELL was that all about?!" Greg looked visibly shaken by my tone, the older boy just stared back at me. He's trying to be a hard man. I could see it on his face. "Come on! One of you explain it!"Greg snapped, "He's been winding me up all week! taking the piss out of Simon and me for hanging out with you and James." I had to stop myself laughing and keep a straight face. I had heard of calling someone a 'teachers pet', but 'older pupils pet'? That was a new one! I looked straight at the older boy."You've been winding him up to this?"He held my gaze for what must have only been a few seconds, but felt like forever. He couldn't keep it up and dropped his eyes to the floor. "No......" He seemed to shrink as he spoke."Right, out." He looked at me, questioning what I had said. "OUT!"I had never seen someone move so fast in my life! He was out the door so quick, I thought he would trip up over his own feet.The door closed behind him and I sat on the bed he had been on. I sighed and sat back against the wall. "You shouldn't have started a fight, though, no matter how much he'd wound you up." Greg looked dejected and stared at the floor. "Then again, that was one hell of a punch!" He looked up and saw me grinning. He knew he wouldn't be in trouble from me right then. "I can't condon it, but there are times when even I feel like hitting out at people. You've gotta learn not to. People will try and get to you your whole life, and you'll end up getting hospitalised in a bar brawl before you are 20 if you keep hitting out.""I know, but you should have heard some of the things he was saying, about me, you, Simon, James and even Sam! They've been saying things like...""Stop!" I interrupted, "don't say it again, because it really doesn't matter! No matter what he said, that's all they are, things he said! Words! It's not important. But as soon as you hit him, he could hit back and hurt you with more than just words. If you can learn to just stop caring what people say about you, you wont have a reason to hit back and from then on, no one can hurt you.""What about other people." He glanced at Simon as Greg said this. He had been sitting listening to us but not saying a word.I kept looking at Greg as I continued, "you should always defend those who you care about.""ok, I know what you mean. Mind if I go now?""Course, but steer clear of that other kid, ok?""ok!" he said over his shoulder as he left.I got up and walked to my bed. I put rested my arms on Simons bed. "Walk?""yeah."Simon and I left the room. James was outside the door waiting. "It's all sorted, mate. I'll explain later.""ok"We walked out the back door of the hostel and started heading up through the fields.He spoke without me asking him to explain everything. "I was the one who struck out first. He called you a fag coz you liked talking to me allot. And I hit him. Greg pushed him off me and that's when you came in."I was shocked! Not that these kids took the piss out of me, that didn't bother me, never had! These were the rugby playing elite of the school, if only in the younger year 11 form. They would've be called 'jocks' if we were in America. There were many other things that shocked me. First, that Simon had the balls to strike out at someone a foot taller than him. Second, that Greg had been willing to take the blame from me!"That interesting. Greg was willing to let me blame him for throwing the first punch. I guess he already understood what I meant about defending people you care about before I even said it.""Yeah," Simon said, "He's a good mate.""Mate?"He grinned, "Friend."We walked for about half an hour. Occasionally talking crap, about TV or music, but mostly walking in silence. I then remembered what I came up to talk to him about. "OH! yeah! I forgot! I'm gunna go sailing on the lake tomorrow instead of the canoeing and visiting the town. Its a two man boat, a wanderer, so you wanna come along?""You mean you'll teach me to sail properly?" I nodded, "BRILLIANT!""I'll take that as a yes then!"Walking round in a big circle, we got back to the hostel about 10 and headed to the room and Simon and I stripped off to get into bed. Some people were doing the same, others were sitting around talking. I noticed the year 11 sitting playing cards with a few of his mates. He looked nervous and wouldn't look in my direction. That made me smile as I got in to bed."what was up?" James leaned across to ask."Same as ever, someone teasing, someone snapping, someone lashing out.""From what I here, you missed something out," He nodded up to the bunk above him, to Greg, "someone sticking up for a friend."I nodded. "yeah, I got the full storey from Simon." I Preteen Nude Nymphets whispered. "But not until Greg had stuck up for him again by trying to take the blame""Cool kid!""Yeah"----------------------------------------------------Stay tuned for sailing, swimming and sun bathing. But sorry, no speedos. I am going for realism and sailing in a speedo would be just plain DANGEROUS! Thank you!
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